Neewer NW-1500 Professional Desktop Broadcast & Recording Condenser Microphone Review

Image copyright belongs to Neewer

Image copyright belongs to Neewer


The Neewer NW-1500 Professional Desktop Broadcast & Recording Condenser Microphone was kindly provided to me by Neewer free of charge in exchange for a fair and unbiased review on and No additional compensation was given in exchange for posting this article on my blog.

The Neewer NW-1500 Professional Desktop Broadcast & Recording Condenser Microphone is available in the UK from Happy Sales UK on at a cost of £30.56 + £0.95 P&P. In the US the NW-1500 is available from KincaidGlobalTrade (USA) Fulfilled by Amazon at a cost of $37.99 with free P&P. (Prices correct at time of posting).


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The NW-1500 microphone is supplied within a good quality retail style cardboard packaging. Inside the contents are very well protected in a compartmentalised cellular foam inserts.

Included with the NW-1500 you will find…

An English instruction leaflet.


3.5mm male gold plated jack to XLR female cable 2.38m in length (excluding connectors).

A Microphone shock mount.

A metal, pop filter that attaches directly to the NW-1500.

A freestanding tabletop microphone stand (comes in two separate sections that require assembly).



The microphone measures approximately 19cm long. The head measures 59.78mm x 45.13mm at its greatest points and stands proud from the handle by approximately 8cm. With the pop filter installed it is located 5mm away from the microphone head and the filter measures 53.55mm in diameter.


The microphone handle measures 43.9mm in diameter and 85mm long.


The stand base measures 11.8mm in diameter and the height of the support can be set anywhere between 13.8cm and 21cm (excluding the mounting thread).


The microphone weighs 322g with the pop filter installed.



The cable is of good quality, relatively flexible and kink free measuring 6mm thick and marked with “high grade low noise microphone cable”, sadly there is nothing else printed on the cable.


The shock mount has an aluminium circular frame and the elasticated nylon cord is held in place by steel clips. The cylindrical microphone mount is also steel with dual steel spring clips for easy opening and mounting, inside the mount is lined with neoprene. The stand mount is aluminium and plastic with the hinge allowing for 180 degrees of adjustment operated by an aluminium wing nut.


The microphone head is silver in colour and magnetic. The handle is constructed from two sections of aluminium and can be disassembled by unscrewing the base allowing easy access to the internals should a repair ever need to be made. Inside the construction appears good with all cables soldered securely in place to a good standard.


The stand has a weighted ABS plastic base and a separate removable upright. The upright rod is made from magnetic metal and has a quick release ABS plastic clip. The metal thread on the end is too small for the anti vibration mount and so a plastic thread adaptor is supplied.


Some points of note

1. The thread adaptor is best installed on the anti vibration mount first and then install the mount to the stand. Careful not to over tighten this as it does have a tendency to get stuck on either the stand or the anti vibration mount.

2. When releasing the clip on the stand upright the extension rod drops down into the main rod section when nothing is installed. To get it to come back out you have to turn it upside-down and shake it a little. Perhaps a little ridge on the inside to prevent the tip of the extension from dropping down too far is in order.

3. There are no feet or pads on the base of the stand just smooth ABS plastic, non slip pads are cheap enough to buy and easy enough to apply but some in the box would have been nice.

D3200 DSLR.

For this test the NW-1500 was assembled on the stand and placed next to the left speaker of my Sony BDV-L600 at a distance of 6″ (in hindsight, I should have moved both speakers within 6″ of the microphone). The microphone was then connected to my Nikon D3200 using the supplied cable and a sample recorded from the TV (SD channel not HD).


The results were very surprising, playing back on my Toshiba S70-B10N through the built in speakers at 50% volume. The sound level is good, I honestly expected it to sound much quieter and the quality is pretty good, not great but good and notably better than that of the built in mic on the D3200.



The following test was conducted by my nephew with the NW-1500 connected to an Alto L-16 using a generic unbranded XLR to XLR cable (not the one that came with the microphone). The recording was made on an Apple Mac and is unedited and the music being recorded is my nephew playing on his acoustic guitar.


It should be noted that my nephew has not owned the Alto L-16 for long and he is still familiarising himself with it so the settings may not be entirely optimal.

My nephew also kindly assisted me when I reviewed the NW-800 and his conclusion was that there is but a hairs difference if any between them. The included pop filter made a slight difference over the NW-800 (which did not come with one) although the pop filter did not perhaps perform as well as some aftermarket solutions.

Due to the design of the microphone it lends itself well to podcasting, broadcasting and video narration rather than music creation. The problem with this is the microphone needs phantom power to perform which makes it difficult to recommend for such uses. Given the prevalence of high quality USB microphones unless you already own a suitable means of powering the microphone it doesn’t make a great deal of sense.

Although that’s not to say it doesn’t have its uses, it’s just that they are perhaps a little specific.


Thank you for taking the time to read this review, I hope it has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments regarding this review, please post a comment below and I will do my best to answer them.


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