Neewer NW-1510 Flexible Aluminum Camera Head Review

NW-1510 Tripod Head Main

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The Neewer NW-1510 Flexible Aluminum Camera Head was kindly provided to me by Neewer free of charge in exchange for a fair and unbiased review on and No additional compensation was given in exchange for posting this article on my blog.

The Neewer NW-1510 Flexible Aluminum Camera Head is available in the UK from Neewer Global Fulfilled by Amazon at a cost of £30.46 with free P&P. In the US the NW-1510 is available from New Harbour Fulfilled by Amazon at a cost of $32.99 with free P&P. (Prices correct at time of posting).


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The Neewer NW-1510 Flexible Aluminum Camera Head is supplied within a large black rectangular shaped box. Aside from some Neewer company branding and the product model number there is no other product information or illustrations on the box.

Inside the Tripod head is wrapped in a clear plastic bag and a single layer of bubble wrap to protect it.

In a separate resealable plastic bag is a warranty card in English and Chinese, an illustrated instruction leaflet also in English and Chinese and a 3/8″ to 1/4″ metal thread adaptor.


The following measurements are taken of the tripod head using a digital calliper accurate to 0.1% and an engineers rule accurate by eye.

Height excluding mounting thread = 10.6cm.
Diameter at base = 65.25mm.
Total width = 12.7cm.
Total length (including pan & tilt bar) = 32.75cm.
Cork contact plate = 7.7cm x 5cm.
Camera mount thread = 1/4″ thread that protrudes by 4mm.


Pan and Tilt quick release plastic wing nuts = These protrude by 2.3cm and measure 31.07mm x 12.82mm at the greatest points.
Tilt tension dial = This protrudes by 1.3cm and measures 19.73mm in diameter. The head can be tilted 90 degrees forwards to point straight down and 90 degrees backwards to point straight up.
Pan tension dial = This protrudes by 4mm and measures 18.92mm in diameter.
The pan and tilt bar = This protrudes by 22.5cm and measures 10.06mm in diameter (the padded grip section measures 25mm in diameter).
The pan and tilt, quick release dial = 17.90mm in diameter.

The measurement of the dial and wing nuts protrusion increases as they are loosened.


Total weight = 648g accurate to within 1%.



I have to admit that since my old Guardsman tripod suffered a rather spectacular demise and it was replaced with a Zomei Z669c I have missed having a tripod head with a pan and tilt bar when making review videos and even more so for home movies. I am more than happy to confess that my requirements for such a head are not extensive compared to that of a professional nor even a keen hobbyist or enthusiast but the Neewer NW-1510 while basic fits my needs perfectly.


The pan and tilt, quick release wing nuts and tension adjustment dials in a way serve the same function. The quick release wing nuts lock or loosen the movement offering a means of coarse adjustment. The tension dials on the other hand offer a means of finer adjustment.


The pan feature with my particular sample is fluid and smooth in operation and very nice to operate. The tilt function on the other hand, out of the box was a little dry and stiff despite the fact you can clearly hear that it has been greased. When paired with my Z669c which is a carbon fibre tripod when trying to tilt the head it did result in notable tripod movement. Four to Five drops of Tri-Flow around each edge soon cured this problem however.


While described as an aluminium head in the hand it pretty much all feels plastic and the chromed section of the pan & tilt bar is very much a magnetic metal. The pan & tilt indicator markings are made from raised tabs on the plastic frame that have white tips to for the indicators that have clearly been painted by hand.

If you shake the tripod head it does make a rather loud rattle noise, this is mostly caused by the wing nut on the back of the thread mount. With the camera mounting plate removed, there is still a rattle from within the head although it is much quieter.

The padded section of the grip is perhaps a little short for large hands, for myself another 1″ of padding would have been welcomed. It does however offer a comfortable grip with sufficient padding.


While the wing nut pan and tilt adjusters are easy and comfortable to use the tension dials are somewhat uncomfortable and tricky to operate, especially the pan tension dial due to the fact it only protrudes by 4mm. There is also a bit of a notable design flaw regarding the placement of the tilt wing nut release and the tension adjuster dial.

The wing nut slightly overlaps the dial and there is only a 1.5mm gap between them. If the dial is turned more than 380 degrees to loosen it the dial will hinder the ability to turn the wing nut. As such the wing nut has to be released some before the dial can be used and if the dial is released too far out you then can not tighten the wing nut as the dial prevents you from doing so.

A bit of an oversight that could easily be fixed by moving the dial about 4mm lower which would also make it easier to operate, or if this is not possible simply reduce the size of the quick release wing nut.

When the pan and tilt bar as well as the pan and tilt functions are fully tightened they are very secure and impossible to move by hand or accident. The camera contact plate again when locked into place isn’t going anywhere unless you want it to. The quick release for the plate is sprung loaded so should it become loose the plate isn’t going anywhere until it is fully held wide open. While this is all a bit plasticy it is very well designed and a feature I very much like.


If like me your needs are basic for home movies or use in a home studio for YouTube, blogging or podcasting the NW-1510 will serve you well. For use filming wildlife you would perhaps do well to invest a little more in something a little smaller and lighter.


Thank you for taking the time to read this review, I hope it has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments regarding this review, please post a comment below and I will do my best to answer them.


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