Vlando Jewellery Box from Netherlands Design Team, with Mirror and Storage Drawers (Pink) Review

Vlando Pink PU Leather Jewellery Box Main

Image copyright belongs to Vlando.B.V

The Vlando Jewellery Box from Netherlands Design Team, with Mirror and Storage Drawers was kindly provided to me by Vlando.B.V free of charge in exchange for a fair and unbiased review on Amazon.co.uk. No additional compensation was given in exchange for posting this article on my blog.

The Vlando Jewellery Box from Netherlands Design Team, with Mirror and Storage Drawers is available in the UK from Vlando.B.V Fulfilled by Amazon.co.uk and is available in gold, purple, red or silver with a crocodile skin effect finish at a cost of £25.99 with free P&P or in Pink or Red PU leather for £31.99 with free P&P. In the US the Vlando Jewellery Box is available from Miss Vlando Fulfilled by Amazon.com  and is available in coffee, red or silver at a cost of $34.99 with free P&P. (Prices correct at time of posting).


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The Vlando Jewellery Box comes supplied within a large corrugated brown cardboard box bearing Vlando branding. Inside the box is held in place by two Styrofoam inserts and is wrapped in a clear plastic bag as well as a thin white material protective drawstring bag. (This is worth holding onto to use as a dust cover) Aside from a silica crystal sachet there is nothing else to be found within the package.



The following measurements are overall measurements of the box. More detailed measurements of the actual drawers are noted further on.

– 16.8cm high (excluding the handle) when the handle is pushed flat it adds about 6mm to the height.
– 22.8cm wide at its greatest point.
– 16cm deep excluding the latch on the front, the latch adds 5mm to the depth.
– 17.1cm x 14.9cm base pad.


The box with its accessories weighs 1443g.



On the inside of the lid is a mirror measuring 99.2mm x 56.4mm which is fitted with a velvet lined frame. (The way that my mother taught me to test for velvet was to brush it one way and then the other. One direction should be smooth and the other slightly coarse and when brushing in the opposite direction it should slightly change colour, and this ticks both those boxes).

Below the mirror located on the frame, recessed in the velvet is a round envelope logo with VLANDO branding underneath in silver. Directly below this is a pocket made from velvet measuring 13.5cm wide and 4.3cm deep with an elasticated top edge.


I have to confess to being slightly unsure about the use of this pocket, when the lid is closed this pocket sits just above the ring holders. If rings are stored within the cushions this leaves little to no depth for storing anything within the pocket. The elasticated edge it quite secure so I suppose it could be used for your most frequently used necklace…



When the lid of the box is lifted a top tray compartment is revealed. At the back there are cushions providing storage for 13 rings or earrings offering 37mm wide storage. In total there are 14 cushions covered with velvet and padded with layered polyethylene foam. As the actual dedicated earring storage is only suitable for butterfly backed earrings these pads also serve well to hold loop earrings as well as rings.


To the front left is a velvet lined compartment measuring 42.05mm wide, 83.21mm long and 21.5mm deep. To the right of this in the centre is a velvet lined compartment measuring 62mm wide, 81.48mm long and 20mm deep fitted with a hinged flap cover. This flap has a small plastic handle, a PU leather cover on the outside and a velvet lining on the inside. While the length of this compartment is 83.21mm due to the hinge design actual access is slightly less than this.


To the right is a velvet lined compartment measuring 41.35mm wide, 82.45mm long and 21.5mm deep. This compartment has 3 removable inserts that each have 4 holes in for mounting butterfly backed earrings. When the inserts are installed, they form four compartments each measuring 41.35mm wide, 18.53mm long and 21.5mm deep. As well as holding 6 sets of earrings each sub compartment offers additional storage, the dividers can be removed altogether to offer a single much larger compartment.


Sadly, I do not own any earrings suitable for these retainers to show them off, sorry.



Behind the front flap there are two pull out drawers with small silver plastic handles, the top drawer is the smallest measuring 16.5cm wide, 13.3cm long and 2.5cm deep. Inside the drawer are two dividers formed into a cross the creates 4 separate compartments measuring 78mm wide, 60.45mm long and 22.5mm deep.


These dividers can be removed to create and single compartment measuring 22.5cm deep, 15.9cm wide and 12.5cm long. Unfortunately, due to the lack of any retainers for the divers like those found on the earring dividers in the top compartment if just one divider is used to create two compartments the dividers do not remain in place well, thus not proving to be that suitable.


This entire drawer both inside and out is covered with velvet.



The bottom drawer measures 16.5cm wide, 13.3cm long and 5.3cm deep. Inside the left compartment measures 55.96mm wide, 124.5mm long and 50mm deep. Located within this compartment is a watch pillow made from the same PU leather as the outside of the case that measures 9.6cm x 6.6cm. The quality of construction of this particular accessory isn’t particularly neat and the choice of PU leather was perhaps not the best idea.


The right hand compartment has two sections the first is a removable box that has two sections, one measuring 84.5mm wide, 27.5mm long and 24mm deep and the other measuring 84.5mm wide, 84.5mm long and 24mm deep. Underneath this box is a single compartment measuring 94.85mm wide, 123mm long and 19.5mm deep. If the removable box section is not used the depth of this compartment is 50mm.


Located within the removable box is a loose removable padded protective cover made from velvet with a zip zag cut trim and a PU leather pull tab. Again the stitching work that holds the PU tab in place on the underside is quite sloppy.

Again, this entire drawer both inside and out is covered with velvet. It should be noted that when the front flap of the jewellery box is lowered to access the drawers behind the internal lining of the flap is quite thick preventing the larger bottom drawer from being directly pulled out. Unless the flap is hanging over the edge of a table to remove the drawer you will have to lift the drawer slightly before it can be pulled out.


As a result of this it is not possible to over fill the larger drawer like it is the smaller top drawer as if you do, you will not be able to remove the drawer without lowering the flap over a table edge.



The velvet internal sections of the case are of good quality and well made, the PU leather external covering however, I have to admit to being less sure of. Some of the corner folds could be neater, there is evidence of wear to some of the edges out of the packaging (look like white spots) and there is even a patch of dirt or discolouration that took a little effort to remove.


Inside the drawers sit on plastic sliders, the lid is secured with a ribbon offering a 90 degree opening. (You have to be careful not to accidentally trap this on the outside of the box when closing the lid). At first you will find the lid does not want to remain open on its own, but given time it eventually will stretch a little and remain open of its own accord.


The latch is a well made non magnetic closure that offers a suitably strong seal, although I have to admit to being slightly unsure about the material it is made from. (Just make sure to drop the latch before lifting to avoid any accidents).


The handle measures just shy of 13.5cm long when fully extended and can be neatly pushed flat when not required. The outside edge is padded and curiously the underside edge is fitted with white PU leather rather than the pink found throughout the rest of the case. Two magnetic metal wire loops retain the handle in place with excess rigid material on the handle ends preventing it from being pulled through.


The underside is covered with black PU leather that offers little in the way of slip resistance but at least being black it isn’t going to show marks and wear easily.


I can’t say for sure what the structure of the box is made from but the removable drawers are most defiantly made from boxwood.



I have to confess to never having owned a jewellery box like this before, I have always had a reasonably large wooden chest style box that I keep all my jewellery stored within their original boxes. This box has a large compartment in the bottom to store such boxes and at the top is a removable tray, providing space for loose items as well as a ring section.

In my opinion, this jewellery box for its size does not offer that much storage and is clearly designed for loose jewellery. I will admit, upon first unpacking the box, both my sister and I thought that the sides of the box offer some form of storage, but they sadly do not. This is a real shame as there is storage potential for necklaces or keepsakes if the end covers could be designed to slide off or were held in place with a magnetic latch (granted a hinge would not prove possible).

On a final note everyone who I have shown this box / case to have commented how much it actually looks like a vanity case, to those thinking the same, be aware it really isn’t well suited to such a purpose.


Thank you for taking the time to read this review, I hope it has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments regarding this review, please post a comment below and I will do my best to answer them.


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