BEEWAY® [New Version] 10W Flat Rechargeable LED Portable Work Flood Light Review

BEEWAY New Version 10W Flat Rechargeable LED Portable Work Light Main


The BEEWAY® [New Version] 10W Flat Rechargeable LED Portable Work Flood Light was kindly provided to me by MagicQ free of charge in exchange for a fair and unbiased review on No additional compensation was given in exchange for posting this article on my blog.

The BEEWAY® [New Version] 10W Flat Rechargeable LED Portable Work Flood Light is available in the UK from MagicQ Fulfilled by at a cost of £20.99 with free P&P. (Prices correct at time of posting).


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I had the pleasure of reviewing the previous version of this light last year, which I have had much use from as you will likely see from its rather dust condition. The old light was very easy to recommend being largely similar to the 5w Screwfix AE0181 in size and price but with a far superior light. (The old light is available from and is currently listed at £19.59.


While the new version is still better than the 5w Screwfix AE0181 I’m no so sure it’s an improvement on its predecessor, in comparison I surmise the following of the new light…

Pros – Smaller, better articulation on the vertical plane and better build quality.
Same – Battery, weight, charge time and light duration.
Cons – Slightly more expensive, not as bright with less light dispersion (I put this down to the size, shape and design of the light housing and reflector and not the actual LEDs or power).


For the DIYer I would recommend the 20w old style light and for the tradesperson I would recommend the 30w old style light. The 10w light looks impressive in the pictures, however I have been using the lights for rubbing down gloss paintwork on doors and skirting on our landing where the power has been disconnected for the duration of the refurb.

While the light provided is suitable for working with power and hand tools in the localised area of the light when it was placed on the floor I did struggle to tell the difference between the areas sanded and those not sanded at the top of the door as it kind of all looked the same. To get around this I did on occasion have the lift the light up slightly to see where I was up to (although this was largely due to being white paint, with other shades it would likely be easier to see where the sheen of the paint had been sanded away).

If you are looking for a light of this style, regardless which you chose to buy I would recommend buying at least two for a couple of reasons.

The first is, unless you are working on one specific location for a prolonged time and you are moving about your body will create a shadow. This will often cast a shadow where light is required leading to frequent adjustment or movement of the light. Having two lights means they can be setup either side of the area that you are working in removing any shadow and providing greater light without the need for moving them.

The second is that the lights only last about 4 hours and they should not be used while charging. Coupled with the rather long charge time having two will provide light for a full working day, based on this conclusion a tradesperson will likely want 4 lights rather than just two. ( I have to confess to being slightly uncertain as to why the light cannot be used while charging, although I suspect it is to prevent the device from overheating, please feel free to correct me on this).



The BEEWAY® [New Version] 10W Flat Rechargeable LED Portable Work Flood Light is supplied in an illustrated cardboard retail style box that is wrapped in brown packing paper and lots of sticky tape. My particular sample arrived within a slightly squashed box, although the contents were fine.


Within you will find…

The 10w rechargeable LED work light in two separate sections (the base and the light housing with U bracket and carry handle already attached). In separate resealable plastic bags you will find a wall charger and a 12V car power adaptor. Also found within the base of the box is an English illustrated instruction leaflet.



The base (stand).
The base or stand section is made from 3 metal parts that are spot welded together and painted with bright yellow enamel. The cross bar that the “U” bracket attaches to is fitted with black end caps and the two cylindrical sections are fitted with hard black end caps that have a tread pattern to provide a reasonable non slip grip. The 4 black feet are removable (with some effort), the tubes that they fit onto have an outside diameter of 19.6mm and are 1.4mm thick.


While the end caps and feet feel very much like plastic that most defiantly have an unmistakable whiff of rubber about them that is rather pungent at a distance of 4” or closer.

The metal sections of the base are all magnetic, while the light may well be waterproof when the paint is damaged it sadly won’t be rust resistant.

The base measures at its greatest points are 12.4cm wide 13.8cm deep and 3.7cm high. Build quality over its predecessor has notably been improved as the base on the original light I reviewed last year was uneven due to the fact that one of the cylindrical legs hadn’t been entirely welded on straight thus creating a 2mm wobble. The new version, thankfully sits entirely level.

The plastic wing nut bolts that secures the two sections of the light together again is sadly magnetic and has a thread measuring 5.70mm x 19.6mm should you need to replace it.

The “U” bracket.
The “U” bracket is attached to the light section via two bolts with large plastic quick release nuts. The bracket raises the lamp about 3.83cm from the stand and allows for 360 degree rotation on a horizontal plane and on the vertical plane 23 degrees forward (the old light was 40 degrees) or 110 degrees backwards (the old light was only 70 degrees).

When all of the adjustable nuts are secured tightly the vertical adjustment is firm holding its place well, but even with the nut securing the “U” bracket to the base as tight as possible it still moves somewhat freely.

The light.
The main light housing is made up from three sections. On the rear is a yellow plastic cover measuring 39.68mm deep, 85.65mm wide and 85.82mm tall. The rear cover is secured via 4 screws which provides access to the battery compartment inside this section you will find an 8.4v 2200mAh battery (the same as the old light).

On the underside of the battery compartment you will find a rocker switch with a clear silicone waterproofing cover (the power button) and just to the side you will see a charging port with a rubber bung that waterproofs the port when it is not in use.


The location of the switch and charging port isn’t the most convenient placement if I am honest. I can only imagine this was done to improve water resistance so that lack of convenience is perhaps a worthy sacrifice.

I suppose here is as good a place as any to note that the manual clearly states not to use the light while it is charging, also when the light is being charged the charging port is NOT waterproof.

Both the black frame and rear cover of the light housing is made from plastic. Located on the rear centre of the yellow battery housing there is a large black aluminium 10 fin heatsink that is to aid with heat dissipation from the SMLEDs (Surface mounted LED’s can get surprisingly hot with prolonged use).


The overall measurements of the light housing section at their greatest point are 11.5cm high, 11.5cm wide and 5.6cm deep.

The handle
The handle is attached to the light housing via 4 screws, is made from magnetic metal and has a foam padded top edge. This handle is slightly too small to be comfortably gripped with a large hand and the measurements are 8.4cm internal width with a 5.4cm gap between the foam and the top edge of the frame surrounding the light.

Overall measurements.
Total overall measurements with the handle, bracket and stand assembled at its greatest points are…

Light upright = 13.4cm deep, 25.2cm tall and 12.4cm wide.
Light tilted forwards as far as possible = 13.4cm deep, 24cm tall and 12.4cm wide.
Light tilted backwards as far as possible = 19.5cm deep, 17cm high and 12.4cm wide.


The total weight is 813g, while smaller it does actually turn out to be a mere 2g heavier than its predecessor.



The BEEWAY® [New Version] 10W Flat Rechargeable LED Portable Work Flood Light states within the product listing and on the packaging (although not in the manual) that it is IP65 rated.

IP = Ingress protection
The first number is for protection from dust/debris and a rating of 6 = No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact (dust tight).
The second number is protection from water/moisture and a rating of 5 = Protection from water projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects. Test duration: at least 3 minutes. Water volume: 12.5 litres per minute. Pressure: 30 kPa at distance of 3m.

kPa = Kilopascal (30kPa = 4.35psi)

Basically, it’s protected from rain and a garden hose with a shower head setting for “at least” 3 minutes. Personally, I have used both lights outdoors in sub zero temperatures with high humidity and light freezing rain, conditions that they are both more than happy to function in.



From dead the 2200mAh battery took between three and half to four hours to fully charge using the 3 pin wall charger. After 4 hours the wall adaptor was notably warm, but not so much that it couldn’t be comfortably held in the hand. Compared to the old light there is no notable difference in the time required to charge the light from dead.

The light itself doesn’t have a battery level indicator on it, but there is one of sorts on the charger. When charging the indicator light on the charger will show red if charging and green when fully charged.


You can also plug the power adaptor into the light without plugging into the wall and while it doesn’t exactly indicate a charge level it will show red if the battery is low. Not an ideal solution, but better than none.

In use the light lasts for about as long as it takes to charge (between three and half and four hours) notably dimming towards the very end of its life. Somewhat surprisingly the light never even became slightly warm to the touch, not even the tempered glass cover over the LEDs, very impressive. As with the charging results, the new version of the light pretty much lasts as near as makes no difference for the same duration).

One warning I would offer is regarding the car charger, avoid using this unless your engine is running or you run the risk of ending up with a flat battery, especially if the battery in your car / van has some age to it.


Thank you for taking the time to read this review, I hope it has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments regarding this review, please post a comment below and I will do my best to answer them.


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