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The MarlJohns Cat Coffee Mugs were kindly provided to me by MarlJohns free of charge in exchange for a fair and unbiased review on and No additional compensation was given in exchange for posting this article on my blog.

The MarlJohns Cat Coffee Mugs are available in the UK from however at the time of posting pricing has not yet been confirmed. In the US the MarlJohns Cat Coffee Mugs are available from MarlJohns Fulfilled by at a cost of $16.98 with free P&P for Amazon Prime members. (Prices correct at time of posting).


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The MarlJohns Cat Coffee Mugs are supplied in a brown cardboard box bearing product drawings and MarlJohns branding. Inside the two mugs are held in place within two clear plastic trays similar to those that were once used to protect Easter eggs. There is nothing else to be found within the box.


Each mug measures 9cm high and 10.7cm wide (excluding the handle) at its greatest points. The base diameter measures 6.4cm and the thickness of the mug wall measures 7.04mm.


The cup opening measures 71.64mm at its widest and 61.38mm at its narrowest (where the ears are located). The cat’s ears protrude 9.86mm from the rim of the cup and measure 33.7mm wide.


The cup handle measures 8.1mm thick and the internal gap of the handle measures 21.37mm wide (from the outside edge of the cup to the internal edge of the handle) and 44.39mm high (at its widest point from the bottom internal edge of the handle to the top internal edge).


The cup weighs 283g empty and safely holds 400ml of liquid.



Assisting me with this review were my new neighbours who have no less than 3 cats within their household and have a very clear passion for all things feline.


The first thing to address is the quality of the mugs. The white mug is perfectly painted and with the exception of a slightly rough base entirely without flaw. The black mug while without flaw in its construction (again, except for a slightly rough base) the paintwork on the other hand is quite poor.

The inside of the black mug is painted white and the black rim is wavy and uneven, the base is messy and the white facial detailing is sloppy. The white mug looks and feels very much a premium product you expect to see in Debenhams, the black mug, however is more Wilkos and even that’s being perhaps generous.


The cat face is only on one side of the mugs, when held in the left hand, this faces away from you and when held in the right it faces towards you.


The ears protruding from the rim of the cup do somewhat hinder their use as an actual drinking cup. Unless your hands are small drying with a tea towel can be a mildly painful experience and when drinking the last few mouthfuls from the cup the cat’s ears end up digging into your face, even if tilting your head right back.


It was noted by one of my neighbours that they are perhaps more decorative than functional. A few uses for the mugs that were mentioned included for use with potpourri, flower cuttings, stationery storage for the kitchen and the one my neighbours seemed most enthusiastic about was using it for dips when eating outside in the summer.


Thank you for taking the time to read this review, I hope it has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments regarding this review, please post a comment below and I will do my best to answer them.


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