Essence Of Arcadia Luxury Diamond Shaped Glass Aroma Diffuser And Essential Oils Gift Set Review

Essence Of Arcadia Luxury Diamond Shaped Glass Aroma Diffuser And Essential Oils Gift Set 19


The Essence of Arcadia Luxury Diamond Shaped Glass Aroma Diffuser And Essential Oils Gift Set was kindly provided to me by Essence of Arcadia free of charge in exchange for a fair and unbiased review on No additional compensation was given in exchange for posting this article on my blog.

The Luxury Diamond Shaped Glass Aroma Diffuser And Essential Oils Gift Set is available in the UK from Prime Luxury Fulfilled by or direct from Essence of Arcadia at a cost of £49.99 with free P&P. At the time of writing the Essence of Arcadia Luxury Diamond Shaped Glass Aroma Diffuser And Essential Oils Gift Set is not available in the US. (Prices correct at time of posting).


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The Essence Of Arcadia Luxury Diamond Shaped Glass Aroma Diffuser And Essential Oils Gift Set is supplied within a good quality black presentation style box with a magnetic closure.

Inside the box retained within cutouts of a layered rubberised foam insert at the bottom of the box you fill find…

– The Essence Of Arcadia Luxury Diamond Shaped Glass Aroma Diffuser wrapped in clear plastic.
– The power supply again wrapped in plastic.

– A 10ml bottle of Essence of Arcadia Eucalyptus essential oil.
– A 10ml bottle of Essence of Arcadia Tea Tree essential oil.
– A 10ml bottle of Essence of Arcadia Lavender essential oil.


Also loose within the box (not held within cut outs in the insert) you will also find…

– A 100ml plastic measuring jug. (You would be surprised at the numbers of 100ml diffusers that come supplied with a 150ml jug).
– An illustrated English instruction manual.

– An Essence of Arcadia information booklet. This contains information of all oils offered by Essence of Arcadia as well as their range of Diffusers. Rather impressively it also contains recipes in the rear for making your own oils, information on a VIP program and several 15% off discount voucher codes.



The device measures 17.2cm high (including feet), just under 35cm in circumference (at its greatest point) and the base measures 5.4cm in diameter. The total weight of the device empty and excluding the cable is 651g, the glass lid on its own weighs 369g.

On the front of the base section there is a single round button that measures 9.82mm in diameter fitted with a white plastic surround. The three feet that raise the device off any surface placed on allowing the fan to function properly as well as provide space for the cable measure 6.78mm high. Attached to the base of the feet are rubber non slip pads that measure 12.87mm x 1.65mm.

The power brick protrudes from the socket by 34.44mm, and measures 82.2mm tall (including the cable reinforcement) and the cable measures 173cm long excluding connector and cable reinforcement sections.



At a distance the Essence Of Arcadia Luxury Diamond Shaped Glass Aroma Diffuser looks very much like the premium product that it is. Under closer scrutiny, however there are a few small issues and a number of disappointing design choices.

Now, given the price point of the Essence Of Arcadia Luxury Diamond Shaped Glass Aroma Diffuser I am going to be very critical of it. I may make it sound worse than it is, however, that is not my intention, it is clearly a better quality device than the 20+ some plastic diffusers that I have reviewed, but for the price it should be perfect or as near as… and it isn’t.

The lid for the diffuser is entirely made from glass that is painted on the inside with a metallic gold paint. The quality of this paintwork to the eye appears good with no blemishes, build-up or runs there is however a little wear / scratching on the lip edge that comes into contact with the base section (this is evident out of the box) and with use it will only get worse.


On the outside of the lid there is a repeating rectangular crystal / diamond pattern recessed within the glass three rows high. Held up against the light the raised sections of glass on the outside of the lid are semi transparent, but the thinner sections of glass that form the recessed pattern block nearly all light. All the edges of the glass are rounded off and completely smooth with no rough edges to be found anywhere…

Actually, that last statement wasn’t entirely true. At the top of the lid is a silicone bung on the mist outlet, initial impressions of this were that it looks rather cheap and tacky on such a premium device (its quite poorly moulded with rough edges) and I did somewhat wonder as to the reason for it. Well the reason, if because the edges of the glass underneath is rough, raw and very sharp. This is very disappointing as it would look so much better if the opening hole edges had been rounded off, which would provide a more attractive finish than a silicone bung.


The base section is the same design as the lid, the glass has the same recessed pattern the inside surface has a matching painted finish sadly as per the lid where the lip is painted it is already starting to show signs of wear. Fitted within the base section is a plastic white water tank with its own separate plastic cap that isn’t a very secure fit.


Now those familiar with these types of devices will know that on one side of the water tank is an air hole and the tank should always be drained at the opposite side to this hole. For those that are not familiar with them there should be a marking on the tank to advise which side to drain the tank from. This is absent on this particular device which is a bit of a safety oversight as should water get into the air hole it could break the device.


On the underside the main base containing the power port and fan is actually recessed and sadly has several inherent problems due to its small and recessed design. The first is that the fan is a mere 25mm in size, quite possibly the smallest fan I have ever seen fitted to any device. (The smaller the fan the faster is has to spin and the more noise it makes).


The second problem is regarding the power connection. The cable connector is right angled which means when plugged in, it obstructs the fan which has the possibility to reduce the effectiveness of the fan. This means it has to work harder and thus louder than if the airflow was unobstructed.

The final problem is with the feet… the silicone non slip pads attached to feet are highly effective… perhaps even too effective. The feet raise the device by nearly 7mm and the overall weight of the device, it is rather top heavy (100ml of water weighs little so there is no difference as to whether it is full or empty). As a result, it isn’t the most stable device as if it gets knocked while it won’t move around on any surface placed on but it could very easily get knocked over.


The final point to address is the lack of a lighting feature on the diffuser. Out of curiosity, I removed the lid and placed a light underneath to see the effect a white light would produce and immediately spotted a potential reason for a lack of an internal light.

The lack of an internal light isn’t due to the painted finish blocking any such light as it does indeed illuminate reasonably well. The problem is that any such internal light blatantly highlights flaws in the glass and paintwork. There are at least 10 bubbles in the glass, a few of which are actually quite sizable and there are countless black flecks in the paintwork. It should be noted however that these flaws are unnoticeable as long as you don’t go shining a light underneath it.



I’ve lost count of how many essential oil diffusers that I have reviewed now, although its fair to say that it’s quite a few. During this time I have come to the conclusion that in terms of effectiveness they are so similar its impossible to compare one to another at least when comparing the time taken for an aroma to take hold and how long it lasts.

The truth of the matter is the oil used is far more important than the actual diffuser when it comes to the aroma. The only real difference is their size, how much water they hold, how much power they use and how loud they are in operation. As such the only things you need consider when buying a diffuser are as follows… the cost, the quality of construction, aesthetics, operational noise and power consumption.

Simply look for a diffuser that you like the look of, is in your budget and is a quiet as possible. Don’t use it on a side table next to your sofa, place it at least a couple of meters away if possible and invest in some quality oil, or better yet, try mixing your own. Anyway, rant over and on with some testing.

The manual advises that the device should be filled with 100ml of water and two or three drops of oil. It should be noted that the quantity of oil required will depend on the quality of oil being used, cheaper oils are often lacking in strength and a greater quantity will be required. Take care not to overfill the diffuser and also take care not to use too much oil, a good quality oil can easily become overpowering if too much is used.


The diffuser has three mist functions available…
Pressing the power button once and the mist function becomes active and the power button illuminates with a green backlight that remains on while in use. In this mode the diffuser remains in operation constantly until switched off or the tank runs dry. (If you are looking for a diffuser that will run all night long while sleeping a 200ml tank is the minimum that you should consider).


Pressing the button a second time and the LED indicator changes from green to blue and the mist function comes on for 10 seconds, then turns off for 20, then back on for 10 seconds, etc for 4 hours (about the time it takes for the tank to drain depending on ambient temperature) and then switches itself off. This feature I like very much, most diffusers with a timed setting run for 30 seconds on and then 30 off and such a setting is frankly indifferent to having it on constantly. This secondary setting makes the device far more suitable for use with stronger oils and or smaller rooms.

The device has no high or low settings, the power button is a little wobbly, but it is tactile in its use, but thankfully it has no nasty beeping sound when pressed unlike some.



The oil that I usually use for testing such devices is 10ml Lavender Pure Essential Oil, with this particular diffuser three different oils are provided which I used for testing instead. (Make sure to follow the cleaning instructions in the manual when you change oils to avoid cross contamination).

Firstly the bottles are good quality and the cap is very easy to open even for sufferers of arthritis (those with young children ensure to keep out of reach) and the drip tip makes for relatively accurate dispensing.


– Essence of Arcadia Eucalyptus essential oil – Absolutely divine, not that strong, very smooth and I can personally attest that it clears a blocked head / nose in no time at all. I can’t rate this oil enough as a homeopathic remedy for flu symptoms.

– Essence of Arcadia Tea Tree essential oil – This is rather weak, I’m actually struggling to detect much of anything. There is a slight scent, but its weak and hard to pinpoint. (I will confess to having a slight head cold, but I had no trouble detecting the scent of the other two oils).

– Essence of Arcadia Lavender essential oil – This is a very different oil to my usual lavender oil, it is much smoother and mellower than the “Pure Essential Oil” that I use for testing diffusers and it is also much sweeter the taste in the back of the throat is almost sugary. The scent actually triggered a memory that was of a long forgotten short holiday in Devon / Cornwall, where I had some lavender flavoured candy and the scent was evidently very similar.



The following testing was conducted using an iPhone 6 and a cheap app. The figures are a guide only and I hold no responsibility for their accuracy. They are included as a guide only.

The ambient background sound level was 26dBa to 27dBa due to a ticking clock.

At a distance of 25cm from the microphone to the edge of the device the highest recorded sound level was 46dBa and the lowest recorded sound level was 30dBa.

At a distance of 177cm from the microphone to the edge of the device the highest recorded sound level was 29dBA and the lowest was 27dBA.


Despite the tiny fan fitted to the device, it is surprisingly quiet, even up close and practically inaudible at a distance of 2m. As someone who is entirely incapable of sleeping in a room with a mechanical clock ticking, this is perhaps the first diffuser that I have reviewed that I could actually use in a bedroom.



The following test results were obtained using a “Brennenstuhl PM 231 E Primera-Line Wattage Meter”.


With the device plugged in and the mist function inactive the device draws 1.1w from the socket. (This is higher than average, the average reading from other devices I have reviewed is about 0.5/0.6w)

When the mist function is active, the device draws 9.3w to 9.5w from the socket. While the overall figure we are talking about is quite low compared to other diffusers this is rather high. Other diffusers I have reviewed consume a comparable amount of electricity with both a mist and lighting function active.


Thank you for taking the time to read this review, I hope it has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments regarding this review, please post a comment below and I will do my best to answer them.

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