ICON Tartan Cushions – Woven Textured Cushions (Brown) Review


The ICON™ Tartan Cushion was kindly provided to me by Bean Bag Bazaar free of charge in exchange for a fair and unbiased review on Amazon.co.uk. No additional compensation was given in exchange for posting this article on my blog.

The ICON™ Tartan Cushion is available in the UK from Comfort Co on Amazon.co.uk at a cost of £14.99 with free P&P or from Bean Bag Bazaar at a cost of £14.99 with free P&P. (Prices correct at time of posting).


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The ICON Tartan Cushion was sent to me along with another cushion to review and both were supplied loose within a plain grey plastic courier style pouch. The cushions were not individually wrapped and the only other contents was a delivery note, given the time of year and current weather a silica moisture absorbing sachet would have perhaps been prudent.



The first thing to note is out of the bag both cushions supplied were covered in bits of fluff, dust and lint requiring a thorough going over with a vacuum before use. Given both cushions were supplied loose this do somewhat beg the question how the cushions are stored prior to sale and postage.

I would strongly advise Bean Bags Bazaar to consider supplying the cushions in a clear plastic wrapper along with a silica moisture absorbing sachet to protect them after manufacturing, during storage and during transit to ensure they at least arrive in clean condition.


Inside the ICON Tartan Cushion we find a 48 x 48cm (stretched corner to corner) cushion pad measuring approximately 11cm thick that is filled with Hollowfibre. This pad is fitted with an additional white fabric lining that both protects the pad and also makes for easier installation and removal from the cover.


The lining on the pad is non removable secured in place with an overlock stitch along all edges that is suitably strong although a little roughly finished on the edges.


A small label advises that the pad is made in the UK from 100% polyester in compliance with the 1988 furniture and finishing fire safety regulations, it also advises that the pad should only be cleaned with a damp sponge and left to air dry and that it should not be hand washed, machine washed, dry cleaned or tumble dried.


The cushion cover is fitted with a plain chocolate brown faux suede material panel on the rear with a tweed effect front panel bearing a tartan pattern on the front. I have to confess my knowledge and experience of woven fabrics is limited, but appears to be constructed from a base layer of dark brown thread evident on the inside and on the outside is a khaki cotton thread interwoven alternately running vertically and horizontally.


Mixed in with the khaki thread is also a thicker thread that feels like wool and only appears to run vertically. On the left and right of the cushion this thicker thread is a sage green colour while in the centre it visually appears to match the colour of the thinner khaki coloured thread. The tartan pattern itself is formed using the same dark brown thread used as the base layer for the material as well as a single band running vertically and another horizontally using a red thread.

Each of these panels measures 42cm x 42cm with a chocolate brown cord edging fitted covering the external seams all the way around proving to be a visually identical match to the rear panel. At the bottom is a 33.5cm wide opening fitted with a small black zip that flows freely without catching even at speed. This zip has been installed on the very edge of the back panel, but behind the cord edging on the front which serves to conceal the zip when the cushion is placed with the tartan pattern facing forwards.

The alignment of the tartan pattern on my particular sample seems to slightly differ in placement compared to that of the stock image on the product listing although this is likely due to the fabric being cut from a large batch roll and so each cushion may well slightly differ from one to another. Something to be aware of if ordering more than one and expecting an identical pattern.


The final feature on the outside of the cover is a 1.8cm x 3cm brown tag protruding from the bottom right hand corner seam that bears ICON branding in white.

While the cushion cover appears very neat and well constructed on the outside the same, sadly cannot be said for the inside. The seams of the two material panels have been left raw with the edges of the front panel having already begun to fray quite badly. While the seams are secured with a double stitch this “should” prevent the material front panel falling apart, but the fact of the matter is the seam should have been fitted with a bias tape.


The reason for this is there are a large number of loose threads evident on the internal of the cover, many in close proximity to the zip which could very easily get caught and jam the zip. Such a bias tape would also have served to prevent this from happening and also protected the seams from fraying which will only get worse with each time the internal pad is installed and removed.


Almost as bad as this is the construction of the zip which is very sloppy in comparison to the remainder of the stitching. Clearly, while the zip was being sewn in the thread broke and it was then overstitched in a rather rushed and uneven manner. Worst of all the first section of failed stitching was simply left raw and unfinished, resulting in it all ready starting to come undone.


A label on the inside of the cover advises that it is made from 89% polyester and 11% cotton, the cleaning instructions however are a little ambiguous. It advises not to wash, bleach or tumble dry the cover yet it also states that is can be ironed at low temperature and that there is a possibility of dye transfer. What it does not mention however is whether it can be dry cleaned or whether it can be spot cleaned like the cushion pad.


On the outside at least it is a very nice looking cushion, but on the inside where the construction quality is evident it is sadly rather lacking and to be honest, if I saw the insides before buying, the fact is I probably wouldn’t given the asking price.


Thank you for taking the time to read this review, I hope it has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments regarding this review, please post a comment below and I will do my best to answer them.

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