Sourcingmap Portable Case Holder Storage Box Container for 20 x AA 14 x AAA Battery Review




The Sourcingmap 20x AA 14x AAA battery container box available in the UK from Sourcingmap Fulfilled by Amazon at a cost of £6.99 with free P&P for Prime Members. (Prices correct at time of posting).


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The Sourcingmap 20x AA 14x AAA battery box came supplied loose in a large brown Amazon shipping box along with a number of other items ordered with no additional packaging, protection or labels.



At its greatest points the box measures 149mm wide, 94mm deep, 56mm high and it weighs 109g. As for compartment dimensions I will cover these within the main review.



In essence, my review and view of this product is similar to that written by Amazon customer “Peppers”, I will however endeavour to go into further detail and explain why as well as the reason why I returned the box for a refund.

The box is made from two sections, a 3.8cm deep base and a 1.4cm deep lid, both made from 2mm thick plastic and secured together with two barrel pin hinges entirely made from plastic, yes that’s right I said entirely and that includes the pins.


On the front of the box there are two clips that secure the lid shut, these clips are attached onto the lid section again with plastic pins and they latch onto identical plastic pins found on the base of the box with a small protruding lip on the bottom of the clips allowing you to gain purchase with a finger to open the box.


Also on the front of the box is a small handle measuring 63mm wide, 10mm deep and 19.5mm high with space behind for your fingers measuring 16mm deep.

Curiously the sides, rear and even the handle sections of the box overlap where they meet creating and non watertight seal yet on the front of the box behind the handle the two sections of the box do not overlap and there is a noticeable gap leading inside the box. This is something to be very aware of if the box is being used somewhere that sand or water is evident or simply just in a dirty or dusty environment.


One final note before going into the box is when opening the box up and looking at its edges they very clearly aren’t straight. The left and right sides appear to bow inwards near the front of the box and the rear edge bows in at the hinges and out where an internal divider is located. The lid and base close and secure properly (which is a surprise) but it’s very clear does not look very well moulded.


Inside the box there are a total of 5 compartments with non removable or adjustable dividers made from plastic measuring 1mm thick.


At the rear are two side by side rectangular compartments measuring 72mm wide and 29mm long. Using AA batteries the compartments are not long enough to place batteries in flat, facing front to back and placing them in flat left to right while they will take 5 batteries each as the dividers are not full height the batteries easily jump front one compartment to another unless the box is kept constantly flat.

As such batteries have to be stored standing upright and given the size of the compartment quite a lot of batteries have to be stored at once to prevent them from falling over and shifting to another compartment or worse having the terminals on one battery coming into contact with those on another.


Personal testing would indicate that the absolute minimum number of AA batteries that you would want to store in one of these compartments is 6 stood upright. This number prevents the batteries falling flat or from shifting to another compartment.

In total these compartments will hold 10 AA batteries upright and if the dividers had actually isolated each compartment it would have been possible to store 1 to 6 batteries on their side or 6 to 10 stood upright rather than only being suitable for storing a minimum of 6.

The small compartments found on the left and right sides of the box are “P” shaped with a number of short protruding ridges on the outside edge. At first I actually thought these were the SD card storage slots as the product listing noted the case was suitable for storing such and the width of the widest section of the “P” compartments were just the right size for SD cards.


That said the spacing between the ridges is rather vast in terms of the depth of an SD card and with there only being a ridge on the outside edge and not on both sides does mean that such cards are insecure. Referring back to the product listing one of the images indicates that these P shaped compartments are actually intended for AAA battery storage.

Personal testing with some AAA batteries finds these compartments too small to lay batteries down flat orientated either left to right or top to bottom, and if they did again due to not using full height dividers the batteries would shift to other compartments. Standing AAA batteries upright, however each compartment will hold 7 batteries, although the minimum they will hold is three as placing only one or two within will result in the batteries shifting to other compartments within the box.


It should be noted that the side “P” shaped compartments are sadly restricted to only storing AAA batteries as the floor of the “P” shaped compartments is slightly raised as such when they contain a AA batteries it prevents the lid from being closed properly.

The final compartment is sort of “n” shaped and is located behind the handle and in the middle of the side “P” shaped compartments. In the product listing it shows this compartment as being suitable for “Reader, SD Card and other small objects”, in truth the side “P” shaped compartments are more suitable for housing SD cards. Note I said more suitable, I didn’t say they were suitable.


Like the side “P” shaped compartments the front “n” shaped compartment has 3 protruding ridges, two of which have ridges on the front and back but the middle ridge is only evident on the front edge. Regardless of this the ridge’s are spaced some 2cm apart and so unless you have some 20+ SD cards that require storing simultaneously anything placed within the compartment will simply rattle around.

Due to some protruding ridges in the box lid it is only possible to store 2 AA batteries on the far left and another 2 on the far right of this compartment. If you place any in the bottom corners the lid will not close and while it is possible to place another 4 AA batteries in the centre of this compartment they will be insecure and easily shift to other compartments within the box.

As for AAA batteries the “n” shaped compartment will store a vast amount, far more than I have to hand, you will however need to store a minimum of 20 possibly even 30 at once to ensure they remain upright and to also to prevent the batteries from shifting over into other compartments.



The large rectangular compartments at the back of the box are each capable of holding the following… 0x D, 1x C, 2x C, 2x C + 1x 9v, 2x C + 2x AA, 1x C + 6x AA, 3x 9v + 2x AA, 2x 9v + 4x AA.


The side “P” shaped compartments will only hold AAA batteries and the front “n” shaped compartment will hold a maximum of 4x 9v batteries but it will not take C or D’s. Looking closer at the box it is very clear that the “n” shaped compartment is specifically designed to hold 9v batteries and not memory cards. This is perhaps the only section of the box clearly designed and well suited for holding batteries.


I am glad to report that there is no minimum number of 9v or C batteries that can be stored as due to their size they will never shift from one compartment to another.


Thank you for taking the time to read this review, I hope it has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments regarding this review, please post a comment below and I will do my best to answer them.

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