AmazonBasics 1 Meter USB 2.0 Extension Cable Review


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The AmazonBasics 1 Meter USB 2.0 Extension Cable is available in the UK from  at a cost of £4.49 +P&P or with free P&P for Prime Members. In the US the AmazonBasics USB Extension Cable is available from at a cost of $4.99 +P&P or with free P&P for Prime Members.(Prices correct at time of posting).


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The packaging for the AmazonBasics 1 Meter USB 2.0 Extension Cable is simple if somewhat overly excessive. Shipped within the obligatory oversized brown Amazon cardboard box inside we find a brown jiffy bag which acts as the cables actual product packaging with no other contents found within.



I opted for the 1m extension and the cable measures 95.4cm long excluding the connectors + reinforcement sections. Tip to tip (excluding the male USB A connector that inserts into a female port) the cable measures 104cm long.

The cable measures 4.68mm in diameter and is marked with the following information “AmazonBasics ‘ USB 2.0 CABLE FOR OPTIMUM DATA TRANSFER ‘ E202888 AWM STYLE 2725 80C 30V”. Sadly, there is no mention of the cable AWG however, consistent search results for E202888 AWM Style 2725 cable all show such cable to be 26AWG.

In terms of flexibility and memory the cable sits roughly in the middle ground, out of the packaging the cable simply wants to coil up as it came out of the jiffy bag. It can be trained but without clips or ties it will take some time before it stays as you wish.

The USB A male connector housing is a relatively standard affair, measuring 15.44mm wide and 9.02mm deep. The connector housing actually measures 7.83mm deep, but a 3D bubble style branding sticker on the underside of the connector that is smooth as glass adds to the overall thickness.


Sadly, this sticker is found on all AmazonBasics USB cables and it does no favours for your grip when trying to remove the cable from a port and can also pose a problem for those wanting to make use of multiple USB ports stacked one atop another in close proximity. Thankfully, it can be removed, but it requires the very delicate use of a craft knife, this is more than just a slight oversight in terms of design as it would have been far more prudent and convenient for the user had Amazon just imprinted their branding during the connector housing moulding process.

The female connector housing measures 16.51mm wide and 12.24mm deep. Again, this has an identical sticker to that of the male connector, however, thanks to some recessed grips on the edges of the housing the sticker does not impede grip and thankfully obstruction is a non issue.

Overall the quality of the cable is good, the connector housing mouldings are a little rough, but I have seen far worse, the male and female connections are a reassuringly snug fit with no apparent wobble but with my particular sample there is one minor cause of concern perhaps in the long run.

With my particular sample the female connector doesn’t appear to be secured very well in the housing. Holding the housing in your fingers and gently moving a cable plugged into the female connector you can very clearly hear the female connector moving within the housing. I’m not saying its going to fall apart (at least not anytime soon) and in fairness I can’t actually see any movement but something clearly isn’t as secure as it should be.



My personal requirements for purchasing this cable was to aid me in reviewing a couple of 12v USB solar charger panels which I was struggling to obtain readings from using my DROK multimeter due to obstruction. As the USB ports on the panels are embedded in the device and appear to be fitted upside down due to there only being a display on one side of the multimeter this cable was required simply to make it possible to obtain a reading.

I did have a slight concern that the cable might offer additional resistance and affect the accuracy of any test readings, as such some testing was in order…

First up was a speed test using a Sandisk Cruzer Blade 16GB USB 2.0 thumb drive. CrystalDiskMark was used to test the speed of the drive first directly connected to a USB 2.0 port on a Toshiba S70 laptop (i7 4700HQ, 16GB, Win 8.1) and then (connected to the same port on the same machine) with the drive connected via the AmazonBasics USB extension.


(This is hardly a scientific test if it were I would have run each test 5 times and taken the average, but USB 2.0 speeds being what they are I am somewhat disinclined to do so, it is simply just a guide).

4k read & writes are a little slower connected to the extension as are sequential writes, overall real world performance is near enough identical when reading from the drive, but writes are perhaps 5% to 10% slower when the drive is connected to the extension.

My second test was to see what sort of effect the cable had when charging a mobile device via USB. For this test a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1″ tablet was charged first directly via a USB 2.0 port (on the same laptop) and then repeating the test using the extension with the DROK multimeter to check the readings.

With the charging cable plugged directly into a USB 2.0 port the following readings were obtained from the multimeter after 120 seconds of charging…

4.90v, 2.254w, 0.46A with 14mah being charged.


With the charger cable plugged into the extension cable the following readings were obtained from the multimeter…

4.83v, 2.221w, 0.46A with 14mah being charged.


Once again the results of some rather basic entirely non scientific testing indicates that adding a 1m long cable to the equation when charging a mobile device via USB reduces the rate of charge by approximately 0.05%. A small enough factor thankfully not to be of concern for the purposes which it was bought for and in real world application should not add more than a few minutes when charging a tablet from dead to full.


Thank you for taking the time to read this review, I hope it has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments regarding this review, please post a comment below and I will do my best to answer them.

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