AmazonBasics Hard Black Carrying Case for 5-Inch Sat Navs Review




The AmazonBasics Hard Black Carrying Case for 5-Inch Sat Navs is available in the UK from at a cost of £6.09 +P&P or with free P&P for Prime Members. Curiously at the time of writing the AmazonBasics 5″ Sat Nav case is not available in the US. (Prices correct at time of posting).


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Those that have previously ordered something from the AmazonBasics range will be all too familiar with the excessive packaging provided for the AmazonBasics Hard Black Carrying Case for 5-Inch Sat Navs. Those that have not your product will be provided in a plain brown cardboard box with a large white label sealing it closed bearing Amazon branding and contents information in multiple languages.


Inside you will find the case wrapped in clear plastic and there are no other contents to be found within. The packaging as with all Amazon products is a bit excessive for what it contains and simply sending it within the clear plastic wrapper would suffice and fill your recycle bin somewhat less (especially as it is shipped in a larger cardboard box to start with).



External measurements taken at the greatest points of the case are 17cm wide, 12.7cm long and 4.8cm high, this includes the zip but not the zip head and pull tab and the case empty weighs exactly 100g.

Internal measurements are a little tricky, but I have tried my best. The bottom section of the case (which is designed to hold your Sat Nav) measures 15.5cm wide, 11.2cm long and 2.9cm deep.

Due to the corners of the case being made with a rounded off edge the base and top of the case are narrower than it is in the middle and the base itself is also fitted with a raised padded section in the centre designed to protect the screen. (I think you are supposed to put your GPS in face down) As such any stated internal dimensions are at best a rough guide as they are of the greatest points.


Inside the lid there is a pocket with an elasticated edge that measures 15cm wide and 7.2cm high. The depth of this pocket is approximately 9mm it can be stretched to comfortably hold a TomTom GO 5100 measuring 14.5cm wide, 9.1cm high and 2.2cm deep but only just if that’s where you wish to place your Sat Nav.


Just be aware that the base section of the case has an overall depth of 2.9cm and the lid about 1.5cm and placing something thicker in one section will reduce the available space in the other.



The AmazonBasics Hard Black Carrying Case for 5-Inch Sat Navs is a clamshell style case made from EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate) which is classed as a semi hard and not a hard shell as the listing claims. In the corners, it is entirely rigid, however, at the top and bottom there is notable give when the case is pinched or squashed.


The outside of the case is black and feels like canvas, access inside is provided via a zip that runs the full length of both sides (including the back corners) and all the way along the front. The zip is fitted with a single non magnetic metal black zip head and pull which flows freely even at speed. Along the back edge of the case the hinge is covered with an additional piece of material to provide strength and neatness to the finish.


Inside the case is lined with what appears to be a stretched bonded nylon that is bright orange in colour and is reasonably smooth, although not so much that I would be entirely happy to place a screen against it (especially as my particular Sat Nav is on the small side for the case which would result in the screen constantly rubbing against the material).

The final feature of the case is a black canvas bias tape that finishes off the internal edges of the base and lid, again for neatness, but also to prevent the contents from coming into contact with the zip teeth and provide a degree of moisture ingress protection. (It should be noted that the case does have a reasonable level of weather proofing / water resistance, it however will not protect the contents from submersion or prolonged exposure to driving rain).


Now I bought this case after reading a number of other reviews stating that the case is a perfect fit for my Sat Nav, a TomTom GO 5100. Sadly the fact is the case is not a “perfect fit” for the GO 5100, the case larger both in width and length.

As previously mentioned the GO 5100 does fit in the elasticated pocket in the lid that I believe is intended for cables but only just. But if you insert the Sat Nav with the screen facing up you risk scratching the screen on the zip as you remove and install it and if you put it in screen down it is hardly offered any protection against the somewhat coarse material that forms the pocket (or any contents placed in the bottom section of the case).


With the GO 5100 installed in the base its simply rattles around far too much. Look at my pictures and you will see that there is nearly a 1cm gap on the sides and 2cm gap front to back. In truth, neither is an ideal solution.


If I had a screen protector on my GO 5100 (I can’t install a film screen protectors for love nor money and I’ve wasted a lot of money over the years trying) then I might be inclined to install it in the elasticated pocket with the screen facing down, instead, what I have done is place the GO 5100 in the base and surrounded it with some cut up cellular foam packaging that was supplied with some bone china bowls, I bought from Amazon.


The foam measures 8mm thick and in the base I have installed a sheet measuring 14.2cm x 10.5cm, on the front edge a piece measuring 14.2cm x 1.3cm and on the right a piece measuring 10.5cm x 1.3cm. While not a perfect solution my GO 5100 is now more securely held in place and it does not move around within the case. All I need to find now is something to put over the screen to protect it from rubbing against the coarse pocket material, or risk placing it face down on the cellular foam in the base.


It should be noted that the internal pocket is suitable in size for retaining the GO 5100 cable and 12v charger while the Sat Nav is in the bottom of the case (although with my padding in place it will only hold the cable). If you do put the accessories in the lid pocket make sure to install your Sat Nav screen down in the bottom section, do not put it screen up as you will risk scratching the screen on the metal cable connectors.

It’s a bit of a shame that Amazon did not decide to put a rigid microfibre lined flap between the pocket and bottom section of the case to isolate the cables from the Sat Nav and it is equally as disappointing is the fact the case is sold as a one size fits all when it clearly is not. Perhaps a better solution would be to make a range of foam or neoprene inserts designed to fit specific devices available because as it is, it’s not protection befitting a £200 Sat Nav.

All in all, knowing what I know now I would not buy another of these to protect my GO 5100, that said, it is a good quality case for the money, just not as well suited for the GO 5100 as some claim it to be.


Thank you for taking the time to read this review, I hope it has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments regarding this review, please post a comment below and I will do my best to answer them.

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