DAILY Original (Eken H3) 4K Dual Display Mini Ultra HD 1080P WiFi DV Waterproof Action Sports Camera – Camera settings #2.

– RESOLUTION: 1080p @60FPS (Default), 1080p @30FPS, 2.7K @24FPS, 2.7K @15FPS, 4K @15FPS and 4K @10FPS.

2.7K @ 24FPS is just about passable for standard footage, but to be honest, unless space is an issue I would stick to recording at 1080p, 60FPS.

– LOOPING VIDEO: On or Off (Default).

This setting is useful for those wanting to use the camera as a dash cam in a car or on a bike as it reduces the need for memory card maintenance overwriting the first file written once the memory card is full.

– TIME STAMP: Off (Default), Date or Date & Time.

– EXPOSURE: -2.0, -1.7, -1.3, -1.0, -0.7, -0.3, 0.0 (Default), +0.3, +0.7, +1.0, +1.3, +1.7 and +2.0

This is exposure compensation, if the images you are taking are too dark gradually increase the exposure till you find the perfect balance and if they are overexposed (too bright) then gradually reduce it.

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