DAILY Original (Eken H3) 4K Dual Display Mini Ultra HD 1080P WiFi DV Waterproof Action Sports Camera – Camera settings #4.

– POWER FREQUENCY: Auto (default), 50Hz, 60Hz.

If you find that lights flicker in your video try adjusting the frequency, in fairness the Auto setting does an excellent job.

– LANGUAGE: English (default), German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian.

– DATE-TIME: Allows manual setting of the date and time.

– SOUND INDICATOR: This has various options for enabling and disabling the simulated shutter sound, beep feedback offered when pressing buttons and also the start up and shut down jingle.

With all of the other camera settings once you confirm a change using the OK / Shutter button you are returned to the main settings options. With this setting, however there are 4 variables that can be changed and when confirming a change you are not returned to the main settings menu, to exit this setting you in fact have to tap the Wi-Fi button on the right side of the camera.


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