DAILY Original (Eken H3) 4K Dual Display Mini Ultra HD 1080P WiFi DV Waterproof Action Sports Camera – Camera settings #5.

– UPSIDE DOWN: On or Off (Default).

Sometimes it is only possible to record using the camera upside down, one such example is when using the camera in a car with a windshield mount. When this setting is enabled both the rear display and the lens are reorientated so that footage is recorded and the viewfinder displays the correct way around.

– SCREENSAVER: Off, 1 Minute (Default), 3 Minutes, 5 Minutes.

This sets how long the viewfinder display on the rear of the camera remains active when no buttons are being pressed (pressing any button when the screen is asleep wakes it back up). Unless its an issue set this to 1 minute as the display is by far the biggest drain on the battery. This setting only affects the rear viewfinder display and the front status display sadly remains constantly active with no options of a screen saver offered.

– POWER SAVER: Off, 1 Minute (Default), 3 Minutes, 5 Minutes.

This is a standby by shutdown timer. If set to 3 minutes, the camera will turn itself off after 3 minutes if there have been no button presses or pictures taken. It will not, however shutdown if the camera is currently recording, it will only turn off if nothing happens for 3 consecutive minutes.

– FORMAT: Wipes the installed MicroSD card, requiring double confirmation.

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