Final Audio Design Sonorous VI Closed Back Headphones – Cable output mono connectors.

All connector pins are gold plated with a 4.5mm long, 5.5mm diameter black plastic spacers between the pin and the jacket to aid with the fit on mobile devices especially those used within cases.

The connector jackets are made from aluminium with a mirrored silver finish and somewhat resemble the style of a reversed bullet casing with the main body, measuring 8.9mm in diameter tapering to 6.5mm at the rear where the cable exits the rear of the housing.

Curiously, at the rear of the jacket there is no additional reinforcement where the cable exits, although I suspect that the tapered section at the rear of the jacket provides this function and also considering the thickness and quality of the cable, additional protection is most likely not required.

At the opposite end of the splitter two separate wires protrude for the left and right channels measuring 2.93mm in diameter and 47.5cm long between the splitter and rear of the mono connector jackets.

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