GGMM E3 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Airplay Speaker – Sides.

On both the left and right side of the speaker we find matching dark grey end panels fitted to speaker each using 4 star head bolts. These panels sport a 13mm wide raised frame around the edge and have a centralised perforated grille in the centre made up of 16 x 16 holes measuring 2.7mm in diameter.

Peering through these holes we find the speakers 3″ passive radiators which appear to be partially blocked by the end panels and I can’t help but think they would likely benefit if the grille were one additional hole larger on all sides. Given the entirety of the front of the speaker is covered with holes and that there is easily ample room for two or even three additional rows of holes on the end panels I am rather curious as to why they made the side grilles as small as they did.


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