GGMM E3 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Airplay Speaker – Controls and ports on the rear of the speaker.

The rear of the speaker is covered with a matching U shaped panel that unlike the front section does not sport any perforations and is with the exception of a small cluster of ports and buttons in the bottom left entirely smooth and without feature.

In the far bottom left is a USB A, 2.1A output (for charging devices through the speaker), to the far left is the AC power input port and between the two is a 3.5mm Aux in port (for connecting tablets, phones, PC’s or MP3 players). Above these ports are four 8mm diameter black buttons with the far left button marked with a Wi-Fi signal symbol, the button to the right being marked with the symbol of a clock, the next being marked with an alarm clock symbol and the final button on the far right being marked with a light bulb symbol.

Sadly, these symbols are rather hard to see short of holding them under a light source and the noted symbols found on each are as equally hard to detect by touch. There is some wobble that is largely restricted due to the size of the holes the buttons protrude through which are not much larger than the buttons themselves. The only praise being that the buttons are tactile in that they require a decent amount of force to push and there is an audible slick when the actuation point is hit.

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