GGMM E3 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Airplay Speaker – E series App, Spotify, your music.

When this is selected, you are prompted to install the Spotify App if it is not already installed on your device, with the Android version of the GGMM E series App if you agree to install the App it automatically takes you to the Spotify download page on the Play store. Once installed it asks you to sign in or sign up (which can be done through the App) and eventually once signed in the Spotify App is fully functional and integrated with the GGMM E series App.

Unfortunately, if you want to stream music from Spotify through the GGMM E3 speaker you will require a premium Spotify account as without it the audio stream from Spotify will only play through the onboard speakers of your mobile device and not the GGMM E3 speaker. As such those without such a premium account will be limited to using the E3 speaker with either Bluetooth or wired connections.

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