HuiHeng SJ9000 Ultra Wide Angle lens WiFi Waterproof Sports Camera Review – Front recording indicator #1.

There is one particular feature of the HuiHeng SJ9000 which is both wasteful and if I am honest slightly annoying. Every camera that I have reviewed has a small LED indicator either on the back or on the top which flashes while the camera is recording. With this camera, however not only does it have a recording indicator on the top there is also a small pearlescent “i” to the right of the branding on the front of the camera with three Wi-Fi like bars above it that also flashes alternating blue and red while the camera is recording.

Sadly, there is absolutely no means to disable this recording indicator which I find very surprising. The HuiHeng SJ9000 is clearly superior to every other camera that I have reviewed in terms of the user controls and adjustments that it offers, despite this other camera I have reviewed with far more limited controls offer the ability to disable recording indicator lights and perhaps more importantly do not have such an annoying light on the front to start with.

This is a much larger and brighter, lighter than the recording indicators found on other cameras that I have reviewed. This means that it is a greater drain on the battery, a significant cause of distraction if recording people and can be picked up by the lens at night or projected and reflected on to the subject matter. Worst of all however is for those wanting a camera to use on a bike or as a dash cam, while the light is relatively small in the grand scheme of things it is in breach of UK road laws prohibiting the use of blue lights on any non emergency vehicle.

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