HuiHeng SJ9000 Ultra Wide Angle lens WiFi Waterproof Sports Camera Review – Settings menu #1.

– RESOLUTION: 4K @24FPS, 2K @30FPS, 1080P @60FPS, 1080P @30FPS, 720P @120FPS, 720P @60FPS, 720P @30FPS, WVGA @30FPS, VGA @240FPS, VGA @30FPS and WVGA @30FPS.

4K @24FPS is passable for standard footage, but far from suitable for action footage. 2K @ 30FPS looks smoother, but to be honest, I would stick to recording at 1080p, 60FPS if filming anything remotely “action” like.

– LOOPING VIDEO: Off (Default), 3 Minutes, 5 Minutes, 10 Minutes.

This setting is useful for those wanting to use the camera as a dash cam in a car or on a bike as it reduces the need for memory card maintenance overwriting the first file created once the memory card is full. It should be noted that the HuiHeng SJ9000 records in 15 minute long segments with no gap between files by default and using this setting, simply removes the need to wipe content from the memory card once it is full.

– TIME-LAPSE RECORD: Off (default), 1 Second, 2 Seconds, 5 Seconds, 10 Seconds, 30 Seconds, 1 Minute.

Using this mode the camera takes a still image at preset intervals and compiles the images into a time-lapse video. When using this mode, the camera does not record any audio and given the battery life don’t expect very much footage when recording at 10, 30 or 60 second intervals as when recording at 1080P, 60FPS recording at 2 second intervals the SJ9000 didn’t even manage to record a 2 minute long clip before running out of battery.

– HDR: On or Off (Default).

Most GoPro clones use HDR, although it is often either always enabled or automatically controlled. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and what it does is to even out the brightest and darkest sections of an image to create a more balanced image, such as when taking images in low light or when the sun is low in the sky during winter.

– RECORD AUDIO: On (Default) or Off.

This simply enables or disables the on board microphone.

– SLOW MOTION: Off (Default), 720P @120FPS, VGA @240FPS.

Recording at VGA, 240FPS the footage is slowed down 800% and frankly looks awful, at 720P, 120FPS footage is slowed down 400% and still looks fairly bad viewed on a FHD monitor. Previous action cameras that I have reviewed sporting a slow motion setting offered a 1080P option, such footage is however only recorded slowed down by 100% and you frankly struggle to see at times that it has been slowed down.

Given the output quality at VGA and 720P on a FHD monitor I doubt there is anyone that will find this setting of use as you are much better off at filming at 1080P and slowing the footage down post production.

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