HuiHeng SJ9000 Ultra Wide Angle lens WiFi Waterproof Sports Camera Review – Settings menu #4.

– ISO: Auto, 100, 200, 400.

Yet another rare to see setting, the lower the ISO, the less sensitive the camera is to light, while a higher ISO increases light sensitivity but can introduce noise to the image making it appear grainy.

– DELETE: Delete Current or Delete All.

Delete current will wipe the last photo or video that you took and delete all will delete all photos and videos on the memory card, requiring a double confirmation.

– PROTECT: Lock Current, Unlock Current, Lock All and Unlock All.

Especially useful if the camera is being used on a bike or in a car with a loop overwrite active to prevent a recorded incident being overwritten.

– DATE-TIME: Allows manual setting of the system date and time.

– AUTO POWER OFF: Off, 1 Minute, 2 Minutes, 3 Minutes, 5 Minutes (Default) or 10 Minutes.

This is a standby by shutdown timer. If set to 3 minutes, the camera will turn itself off after 3 minutes if there have been no button presses or pictures taken. It will not, however shutdown if the camera is currently recording, it will only turn off if nothing happens for 3 consecutive minutes.

– BEEP SOUND: Off or On (Default)

This enables or disables audible feedback when buttons are pressed as well the simulated shutter sound when photos are taken.

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