HuiHeng SJ9000 Ultra Wide Angle lens WiFi Waterproof Sports Camera Review – Settings menu #6.

– FEILD OF VIEW: Wide (Default), Medium or Narrow.

This is very much a first of any action camera that I have reviewed as all previous cameras had a fixed wide angle FOV. Narrow produces a non zoomed image as per the human eye, medium offers a -0.2x zoom and wide offers a -0.4x zoom (the exact amount of zoom is a guess and not to be taken literally).

– FISH EYE AJUST: Off (Default) or On.

When recording using a wide or medium angle field of view, this mode compensates for the fish eye effect that it creates. When using the wide field of view, setting it makes a slight difference, although does not entirely compensate for the effect and at medium field of view the compensation is far more evident or rather effective.

– AQUA MODE: On or Off (Default).

This is effectively a white balance setting designed for use underwater. Apparently the deeper you go the “bluer” the image becomes and enabling this mode will enhance reds and reduce blues to provide a more natural image. Living some 130 miles away from the sea and being as it’s December this is not something I am currently keen to test out.

-WI-FI: Off (Default) or On.

This is just another means of enabling Wi-Fi on the camera, something that is far easier to do by just holding the up navigation arrow on the right side of the camera when in video or camera modes.

– WI-FI SSID: This enables you to manually change the name of the SJ9000’s SSID.

– WI-FI PASSWORD: This enables you to manually change the name of the SJ9000’s Wi-Fi password.

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