HuiHeng SJ9000 Ultra Wide Angle lens WiFi Waterproof Sports Camera Review – Waterproof case #4.

This is the 6th GoPro Clone action camera that I have reviewed with the five I have previously reviewed all being in a constant state of use by friends and family over the past year and this camera is the first to have a problem with its case, which is quite a biggie.

When the product was received the box was opened up, the camera (which is located, secured and installed within the case) removed from its protective insert and the front edge of the securing flap was lifted in an attempt to remove the camera. As the flap released the ABS black plastic section of the clip simply shattered in half.

This locking mechanism on the waterproof cases appears to use the same locking mechanism as the cases provided with the GoPro 3/4 cameras which is a bi-fold half metal wire, half ABS plastic clip. This simply levers back and latches on to the top of the back rear opening panel and then pushes forward to lock the case and is simply lifted up on the front edge of the clip to release.

This style of clip I have used a hundred times or more and I am fully aware of how it works and I was far from heavy handed in my attempt to gain access to the camera.

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