HuiHeng SJ9000 Ultra Wide Angle lens WiFi Waterproof Sports Camera Review – Fixed base & communicator or fixed base and adaptor accessory #4.

The underside of the Fixed base accessory is round and flat with a recessed 1/4″ brass thread and on the top there is a female universal GoPro mount which can be used as a basic tripod mount or used in conjunction with the Adaptor / Communicator to create an accessory with 360 degrees of horizontal articulation.

The Communicator / Adaptor also has a round, flat base, but this time with a protruding 1/4″ thread on the underside and at the top there is a male universal Go Pro mount. Also attached to the thread on the underside is a plastic locking dial that is used to provide a secure, flush fit to whatever the adaptor is attached (functioning in the same manner as a DSLR flash locking mechanism).

Curiously, while the Fixed base accessory has a metal nut onto which a quick release bolt is secured the Communicator / Adaptor does not and there is no thread on the mount nor a spare loose bolt to be found in the packaging as such one will need to be salvaged off the other components should you wish to use this accessory.

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