Sourcingmap Portable Case Holder Storage Box Container for 20 x AA 14 x AAA Battery – No room for D batteries.

The large rectangular compartments at the back of the box are each capable of holding the following… 0x D, 1x C, 2xC, 2xC + 1x 9v, 2x C + 2x AA, 1x C + 6x AA, 3x 9v + 2x AA, 2x 9v + 4x AA.

The side “P” shaped compartments will only hold AAA batteries and the front “n” shaped compartment will hold a maximum of 4x 9v batteries but it will not take C or D’s. Looking closer at the box it is very clear that the “n” shaped compartment is specifically designed to hold 9v batteries and not memory cards. This is perhaps the only section of the box clearly designed and well suited for holding batteries.

I am glad to report that there is no minimum number of 9v or C batteries that can be stored as due to their size they will never shift from one compartment to another.


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