LYNEC AC65 Sports Action Camera Review

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The LYNEC AC65 Sports Action Camera was kindly provided to me by Lynxose free of charge in exchange for a fair and unbiased review on and No additional compensation was given in exchange for posting this article on my blog.

The LYNEC AC65 Sports Action Camera is available in the UK from Lynxose Fulfilled by at a cost of £37.99 with free P&P. In the US the AC65 is available from Lynxose Fulfilled by at a cost of $42.87 with free P&P  (Prices correct at time of posting).

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Before proceeding with this review there is something that I should point out. Some may well notice that this review is very similar to the IceFox 12MP action camera review that I wrote a little while ago and the reason for this is the AC65 and IceFox cameras are in fact both SJ4000 Action cameras.

The packaging is the same as is the contents, that said, there are some slight differences. The Lynec comes with two batteries and the Ice fox only has one and the Lynec is also notably cheaper (at least at the time of writing).

Rather curiously, there are some quality differences despite the fact the cameras are identical (other than company branding). Again, this is in favour of the Lynec AC65 which has more tactile and quieter buttons. It should be noted however that this is likely to be nothing more than inconsistent built quality rather than a claim the Lynec AC65 is built better.

If you have already read my IceFox action camera there really is little point in reading this review as other than the video samples at the bottom there is very litter difference between the reviews.



The LYNEC AC65 Sports Action Camera is supplied in retail style cardboard packaging bearing product images and specifications. Inside you will find a clear plastic tray insert containing the camera and a large assortment of accessories as well as a manual.

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