Final Audio Design Sonorous VI Closed Back Over Ear Headphones Review.

The Final Audio Design Sonorous VI Closed Back Over Ear Headphones were kindly provided to me by KS Distribution (Final Audio Design’s Authorised UK distributor) in exchange for a fair and unbiased review on, no additional compensation was given in exchange for posting this article on my blog.


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During this review I make more than a few passing comparisons between the Sonorous VI’s and the Sonorous III’s which I reviewed a few months ago. I realise this is a less than ideal comparison given the difference in price points, but with the only other set I had to hand at the time of writing this review, was a pair of Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO’s so seemed a better comparative baseline than none at all for my claims, comments and opinions.

The 8 Ohm impendence means that no additional hardware is required to drive the Sonorous VI’s and they are as happy connected to a HiFi as they are a laptop, tablet or phone. That said and rather curiously the 16 Ohm Sonorous III’s are easier to drive on some mobile devices, most notably my Tab S2.

While the Sonorous III’s are an impressive set of cans there are notable chinks in its armour, specifically with tracks that encroach into the upper echelons of the high range such as Dido, White Flag and Quindon Tarver, Everybody’s Free, by comparison the VI’s frequency across the range is more competently and consistently handled.

For prolonged use, however the Sonorous III’s do have the edge on comfort, not just in the physical sense (due to the additional 70g of weight on the Sonorous VI’s) but also due to often bright highs with a range of tracks (the most common culprit being cymbals and snares) that can become fatiguing after an hour or so without a few minutes break.

There is no doubt that the Sonorous VI’s are expensive, they are however an investment and like a good quality hand made pair of leather brogues, they will last you a lifetime. Sure, they may need a new pair of soles from time to time (or rather pads) but the audio quality produced will if anything only get better with time.

The lack of a bundled carry case with the Sonorous VI’s is a little disappointing and will mean those seeking perfection on the go will need to make an additional outlay to protect their investment with the Final Audio Design Semi Hard Carrying Case.

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