HoldPeak HP-981B Laser Infrared Thermometer Review

HP-981B thermometer 9


The HoldPeak HP-981B Laser Infrared Thermometer was kindly provided to me by HoldPeak free of charge in exchange for a fair and unbiased review on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com. No additional compensation was given in exchange for posting this article on my blog.

The HoldPeak HP-981B Laser Infrared Thermometer is available in the UK from HoldPeak Fulfilled by Amazon.co.uk at a cost of £13.98 with free P&P for Amazon Prime Members. In the US the HP-981B is available from HoldPeak Fulfilled By Amazon.com at a cost of $17.62 with free P&P for Amazon Prime Members. (Prices correct at time of posting).


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I have to confess I’ve been looking at non contact thermometers for a while now to aid me with reviews of such products as chargers and power banks to detect any heat build up during prolonged use. While my power monitor works well at detecting efficiency simply stating “it feels warm to the touch” is neither professional nor an accurate means of comparison.

While many may perceive the devices a tool for trade use they are in fact useful beyond the engineering / science applications that they were originally designed for. Granted the highly accurate and rugged devices aimed at the trade sector still cost a small fortune in recent years, ever more affordable versions have become available such as the HoldPeak HP-981B. Continue reading