DAILY Original (Eken H3) 4K Dual Display Mini Ultra HD 1080P WiFi DV Waterproof Action Sports Camera Review



The DAILY Original (Eken H3) 4K Dual Display Mini Ultra HD 1080P WiFi DV Waterproof Action Sports Camera was kindly provided to me by WHOWHO free of charge in exchange for a fair and unbiased review on Amazon.co.uk. No additional compensation was given in exchange for posting this article on my blog.

The DAILY Original (Eken H3) Action Camera is available in the UK from WHOWHO on Amazon.co.uk at a cost of £5999 with free P&P, a price which can only be assumed is a gross error. The DAILY Original (Eken H3) Action Camera is also available in a separate listing with an additional wrist strap mount that is Fulfilled by Amazon at a cost of £68.99 with free P&P. Be aware however that in this listing there is also a second camera showing at £55.99 which is not the same camera, it is a cheaper model with no status display on the front and a slightly inferior image sensor. (Prices correct at time of posting).

In the US the Eken H3 Action Camera is currently not available from WHOWHO on Amazon.com although this camera is an OEM available from other suppliers either under the H3 model or rebranded such as the URWise action camera for $79.99 + $5.59 P&P or the Kasio action camera for $57.50 + $4.49 P&P.

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The DAILY original H3 (Eken H3) 4K dual display mini Ultra HD 1080P Wi-Fi DV waterproof action sports camera is supplied within a retail style cardboard packaging with a plastic window on the front showing off the camera inside and some specification information on the rear. Inside is a clear thin plastic insert tray which bears the camera and a large assortment of accessories which are mostly individually wrapped in clear resealable plastic bags.

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