Final Audio Design Sonorous III Closed Back Headphones Review


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The Final Audio Design Sonorous III Closed Back Headphones were kindly provided to me by KS Distribution free of charge in exchange for a fair and unbiased review on No additional compensation was given in exchange for posting this article on my blog.

The Final Audio Design Sonorous III’s are available in the UK from at a cost of £299 with free P&P. In the US the Final Audio Design Sonorous III’s are available from at a cost of $399. (Prices correct at time of posting).


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One of the most relatable comments I have read about the Sonorous III’s (a review on sonicelectronix) was “My only complaint is these headphones are addicting” and with all my heart, I couldn’t agree more, trying to write the sound quality section of this review was quite honestly an annoyance as all I wanted to do was listen to the music. For me this is a rarity as I oft far more enjoy writing about products than I actually do using them.

The 16 Ohm impendence means that no additional hardware is required to drive the Sonorous III’s and they are as happy connected to a HiFi as they are a laptop, tablet or phone. An example of just how easy they are to drive, I am yet to take them above 30% volume on a laptop and very little further on tablets and phones and I seriously struggle to see what benefit a headphone amp would offer.

Considering how easy they are to drive they are very well suited to those seeking to attain the best quality possible from their portable devices without compromise. Unfortunately, while the isolation is impressive during playback considering the closed back design there is significant leakage more akin to an open back and the lack of a bundled carry case will mean those seeking perfection on the go will need to make an additional outlay to protect their investment with the Final Audio Design Semi Hard Carrying Case.

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